RAC down for personal files?

Like @Arliss, I’ve experienced issues this week like the spinning circle and messages that say that I can’t connect to that website. For the most part, it works. I rebooted the first time I got the spinning circle. I’m not sure if that helped or not.

The download of all slips for a tax year in one pdf file seem to be gone with the recent changes. :-1:

Unless I am just missing a new process?

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@Arliss Yeah unfortunately they’ve removed that as an option, which I absolutely hate.
Now I have to save each page as a PDF…grrrr

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Interesting messages this AM.

Other than initially telling me the page couldn’t be found…an {F5} refresh fixed that…RAC has been fine. And the “All slips” is there.

T2 side is fine as well.

For now.

same screen at our end.
RAC not working properly.

The “All slips” option is there but I can’t seem to find the option to download all of the slips as a PDF. I don’t know why they removed that as an option.

Because CRA is a pain in the … rear?
And they hate accountants.
Shared Services Canada does their work and they’re not overly competent.

Or, they’re just plain stupid. Take your choice.

Seems like a lot of what they do in RAC is intended to prevent us from doing our work effectively and efficiently, and to make more jobs for them. Weird approach, but that seems to be government in general in Canada these days.

Nothing works consistently. RAC is now a piece of crap.

RAC has become crappier over the past two years. Not sure why. It used to (a) work reliably and (b) generally offer the ability to do useful transactions (addresses and $$ moving). Now it does neither.

But it looks prettier. Sort of.

Email Bob Hamilton and complain.
Or send him a tweet.
Nothing else seems to work.

His info is here (along with a few others).
Contacts - Canada.ca

You could try emailing Di Lebouthillier who is the Minister, but as an ex social worker she knows squat about tax. She does, however, give away whackloads of money in Quebec (mostly Gaspe).

Is RAC down again? I can’t access anything in the personal side.

Still garbage. Sometimes working somewhat but mostly not.

At the moment l was looking in on a clients account and it now appears I am somehow logged in as him on his “My Account”.

Can’t get back to RAC now as I am him. Only option is to sign him out.

Somehow I am logged in on a clients “My Account” again today.

I was on RAC a few minutes ago, @Arliss. I was on the Representative sight, but it wouldn’t let me switch between client accounts - it just hung. I used the browser’s BACK button, and that allowed me to go backwards and get to the main RAC screen where I was then able to enter my next client’s SIN. So luckily that option worked and I didn’t have to log out of RAC.
I agree, it’s taking much longer to get things done in RAC than what it used to.

Try clearing the browser cache before going to RAC.

Things had seemed to improve but now at this moment I can’t seem to even get started. :unamused:

me neither…

Same. Trying to efile multiple files today (literally right now), and keep getting:

“The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.”

AB AT1 efile works fine. Just Federal seems to have issues. Maybe it’s a CRA-wide IT problem this AM?

I just submitted an AuthRep - no problem and then accessed the customer’s account. I aslo accessed AFR and downloaded. No problems at all.

CRA appears to be down for T2 Efiling and RAC.