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Represent a client - log-in

Good evening,
Just wondering if anyone has a problem connecting to to log-in as represent a client.
I am getting a message stating “This site cannot be reached”. Thanks

Working fine for me.

Worked fine for me also.
The only things that aren’t working are reading the 2019 NOA (not available), although 2018’s NOA reads fine, as does the Option C detailed assessments. It means they are providing a damaged link for the 2019 NOA.

I was also selected to do the exit survey. The survey opened, I tried to submit the 1st question and it failed to submit. I copied the survey link and opened it in a different browser (Edge vs Chrome), with the same results (wouldn’t submit and advance to the next question). Even the save option didn’t work.

So clearly CRA still has issues to resolve.


@kozakworld CRA is in the midst of the annual rollover to 2020 tax season. Some portions of the site are always hit or miss at this time of year, but are usually fine by the end of October

CRA is back up and running as it should be today

Was it down? I was in yesterday, normal operations.

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October 26

CRA is back up and running as it should be today

it was up and down all weekend one time it would be fine then the next one would not

…and we’re ground to a halt…again. What is with these people that they can’t keep their site up? Shared Services Canada should be fired. Awful.

Anyone else having problems going in now…can’t get in since Monday. I know they were doing maintenance on the weekend.

i was just in revenue canada no problem

No, I haven’t had any problems and I even Efiled a return yesterday. CRA was only down for a short time on Saturday as I was able to go into a clients file to get T4s later that evening.

I was in rep a client today without any problems.

No problem here.