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I have seen that in the client letter there is no section coded about if we do GST return for the client. I see the GST credit section but i would like to code in a section that if we file a GST return on their behalf, which we do for some clients, i would like to be able to code this into the letter how would i do that?

How would you identify when that situation occurs? There would be nothing in the T1 Return to identify this situation?

my coworker wants me to enter it on the engagement page as this is what he did in profile and got it to program that way? i tried to tell him that profile and tax cycle are very different and he would not listen. he wants me to enter all these codes in the partner ID section and office ID. I tried it and obviously it did not work. Is there a way to do it?

You could set something up using the new custom fields sheet - e.g. a Yes/No for GST return, and use the response to that to generate a section that appears in the ELetter if you have entered Yes.

Look for the webinars from the end of last year with the custom templates - one of them included using the custom fields.

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Hello Rebecca,

Thank you I will give that try! I did watch the 3 days of webinars about writing a template but i might of missed something I will take another look. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve decided it will be a useful thing to put in the letter for us too so I’m working on our ELetter template now. I’ve set up two custom fields - one to state whether they are registered for GST, and another to state whether we file their GST or not.

In the letter I’m going to set it to appear if they have a T2125 and are GST registered.

If I get something working I’ll let you know!

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It looks like the custom fields are in the “Tips and Tricks” video

Hello Rebecca,

Wow that is amazing! thank you so much!! i am trying to do the custom fields and play around with them but sadly no luck so far :frowning: i will go check out the tutorials but i really hope you can work some of your magic :slight_smile:

This is what I have so far:

I’m watching the videos again too :slight_smile:

Hello Rebecca,

wow that is awesome thank you so much for getting to it so quickly!! i will copy what you are doing and i just finished the video as well and i will fiddle with it and let you know how it goes :slight_smile: my coworker wants one for GST refund, that we filed; refund that the client filed, payable and client to file; payable that we filed; no refund/payable that we filed and no refund/payable that the client filed. It is alot of fields to cover sadly but if we can get a start that would be great :slight_smile: Thank you so much again you have no idea how much this helps!

This is what i have so far but for some reason i followed the code but it wont change anything on the template even if its wrong i believe it should change lol

You need an opening condition test. What you’ve got at the moment is just the closing one! It’s the same but will be #isyes instead of /isyes

‘#’ opens and ‘/’ closes

Then the text that you want to appear needs to be between the ‘#’ and ‘/’ statements.

Try this, but change the custom field name to be what you have (and change the answer to no):

My records indicate that you have a small business but are not registered for GST. Please get in touch if this is incorrect so I can prepare an updated engagement letter and estimate.

Also you shouldn’t need separate files for payable and refund - just use a positive number for payable and negative for refund.

Same with who filed - you can set that up as Yes/No where Yes is you file, No is they file.

This cuts down on the work as you can use copy/paste.

Hello Rebecca,

Thank you so much! i thought that to but my coworker was persistent but he also has no idea what it takes so i will tell him no and do it our way :slight_smile: i also tried your code and it didnt work :frowning:

I dont know how you do this all day its only been a couple hours and i already want to pull my hair out lol

I changed my fields to this:

Haha I don’t do this all day, but I did do some basic programming at high school and it’s coming back to me! It’s a break from bookkeeping :slight_smile:

Can you just try {{customfield(“GSTBBAFiled”)}}? It should show you either Yes or No depending on what you’ve ticked. If that displays correctly, copy and past it into the isyes sections.

Also go to the preview pane and just double check the person you’re previewing for is the same as the person you’re editing (this happened to me before - I was in the wrong spouse).

If none of those work then I’m not sure what else to suggest!

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haha i never thought coding would be a break :slight_smile: but i am grateful you need the break because i need the help! I tried just doing customfield but nothing happened :frowning: i believe i am in the correct client but that would totally be something i would do was work on the wrong client lol! This is so confusing the video makes it look so easy :frowning:

O no! You might need to email support and see if they can take a look and find out what’s not working.

Are you doing the code in the existing letter template? If you are, try creating a totally new template and copying what you’ve got in there. That way none of the existing letter code will affect it. Also try removing all formatting (copy it into notepad then back into tax cycle) and see if that helps (coding can be messy like that).

I’m not sure what else to suggest so I hope you manage to figure it out!

Hello Rebecca,

I am using the existing letter template so i will try your way and see if that helps at all and if i still cant get it i will email support to see if they can help :slight_smile: Thank you so much again!

This seems like a really good idea. Did you ever get the issue resolved. Would you mind sharing your Custom Fields and Client Letter coding,

Thank you in advance.

Jim Burch