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Joint T1 Engagement / Rep Letter?

Does anyone have a joint T1 Engagement / Rep letter they are willing to share? Something that would conform with CPA standards?

I could do one up but why reinvent the wheel?

Thanks all.

Michelle i just use the engagement letter for each client joint would not be good in my opion and i only do 2800 t1

I agree with pugs1 that individual letters are the best way to go. We use joint letters, invoices etc. for everything but the engagement/rep letter.

That’s fine, my question wasn’t about if it’s good or not, does any one have a joint engagement letter?

I use a joint engagement letter, that deals with the privacy issue that I can deal with either spouse on each other’s tax matters.

It is available on Taxboard

TaxBoard? Sorry? What’s that?

Sorry, I found it. I am not really interested in signing up for another service.

I was just looking for a TaxCycle formatted joint engagement/rep letter. I will just have to convert the one I used from profile last year. I just thought someone would have one.

Had I known it would be such grief to convert to taxcycle, and I would have waited a few more years. I am getting more frustrated every time I have to do something new.

There’s just too many little things that don’t work right, and features that I am missing from profile. Arrgh. And don’t even get me started on Template editor.

send me an email, and I will send you a copy.

(just google for my website, and use the link there)


All I can really is say is that we hear your frustration on the template editor and many of your concerns and suggestions are at the top of the list to address. It just won’t happen mid-season because that will cause more churn for other preparers. Hang in there, please…

As for the things that you are still missing from ProFile. We thought we had addressed most of those. If there are still items remaining, can you let us know what they are?

To echo Elizabeth’s remarks Michelle, please also feel free to call our support line at 1-888-841-3040 if there are specific areas of TaxCycle you need assistance with. You can also email our support team at with questions or items you feel need improvement/are missing.