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Engagement Information


I often do GST returns together with the corporate year end. It would be useful to me, in the ‘Other engagement’ section, to add ‘GST’. And to really get fancy, would be nice to have a column that will accept numeric values, such as balance due/refund.

Thanks, Cameron


Would also be useful to have some custom fields, could be on the engagement form, where you can fill in amounts of refunds expected because of losses carried back.



Thank you for your suggestion.

For the GST section in Engagement form, I will add a record for the suggestion in our system. Your suggestion will also apply to T1, T3 and T5013.

For your second suggestion re: expected refund from loss carryback, take a look at S4LossCB (AS10LossCB) worksheets. You will find the fields at the bottom of the worksheet for the estimated tax recovery from loss carryback.

If you have any question, please let us know.