Custom Fields - what to use and how

I am setting up custom fields and tags in my CRM, workflow, and project management apps. I am wondering what custom fields others are using in TaxCycle.

Please share field name, taxonomy structure, and use case if you are willing to share this information.

In particular, I am interested in adding only those custom fields that would be useful within TaxCycle to make the tax preparation and filing processes faster, better, easier to review, or adds value.

Does anyone use custom fields with templates to customize letters?

Thank you for your attention and consideration. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

I use one to record the first year that the client became a customer, then draw on that code for my customized welcome letters, like this…

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you since 1989…


In the T1 module we use a lot, all but the last one are used in the client letters.

Almost all of them relate to the client’s GST status. If they have a farm or business or commercial rental we want them to be aware of their GST responsibilities. Then, if we file the GST for the client, our letters, including the engagement letter, have a condition code that will show “tax return and GST return” in all the places that it would normally just say “tax return”. It also adds a paragraph at the bottom that tells them how much they owe in GST, or if they aren’t registered they should be, or if they are registered but we don’t file for them that they are responsible for filing. If you want the paragraph let me know and I’ll upload it.

I’ve also added paragraphs to the CLetter to inform them of their TFSA Balance, Outstanding debts, and funds held by CRA because they are under appeal. New this year I’ve added “uncashed cheques per CRA”, since CRA has added that information to RepAClient.

This year I also added the last field: “Variance 2YR Follow Up turned on” because the staff kept forgetting to do it, and it annoyed me. So now it is a “required” field that has to be done before they can pass the return to me! I’d add more custom “review” type fields if I was better at coming up with short names for them!

In the T2 module, this year we added a custom field for “Chirstmas Card Salutation”, that we use to address Christmas card labels with the shareholder and shareholder’s spouse’s names.

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Great idea. Thank you :slight_smile:
I have been thinking about year first engaged, types of engagements, and some follow-up situations.

Great ideas. Thank you :slight_smile:
I am thinking about using custom fields based on my client situations. This gives me some ideas that
I had not considered.
I have been thinking about matching the custom code nomenclature with tags in one or more of my 3 apps for email and letter templates. For situations which do not rely on TaxCycle produced data it seems easier and more powerful to manage in one of these apps rather than using the TaxCycle templates. However I do like the TaxCycle letter templates. More comments about this in my reply to you in your letter templates post.
I use Pixie, 17Hats, and ConvertKit.

You can also use a Yes/No custom field to track whether you have set your client up for electronic signature. This field can then be used as part of the relevant condition for any existing or custom print sets you use to request signatures or share documents.

For example if you create a custom field named DocuSign you can reference that in the relevant field of your e-signature print set by adding customfield(“DocuSign”)=“Yes” to show the print set when it is applicable.

We use “method of communication” on the Engagement tab for that. If it is set to Email then we use e-signatures, if anything else it is a paper print job for the client who will either get it by “Mail” or “In Person” depending on the method picked.

We have separate Preseason and CLetter templates for paper and e-signature and a number of print jobs are conditional based on the method of communication chosen.