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Client letters

We would very very much like to have some sort of letter worksheet in Taxcycle.

For instance, if a sole proprietor also needs to file a GST return, we would like a place to put the GST owing and/or GST instalments, estimated tax recoveries from losses carried back, etc. in Taxcycle.

Similarly, there are commonly used sentences that we like to add to the T1. We want to have these entered on the worksheet and click them on or off on the worksheet and have the letter pull the standard sentences in as needed.

In Taxprep there is a letter worksheet that allows for text lines and numerical fields. The letter template can then reference those fields and link them in the letter without freezing the other fields in the letter.

It is our process to have the preparer do everything in the file including the letter. However, sometimes numbers change during the review process, and if the letter is customized, then the balance owing, RRSP, etc. on the letter don’t update which can lead to problems. It would be great if we could have customized content in the letters without freezing all the links to the return.