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Letter Code


I am working on personalizing our T1 letter and had a quick question. I need to code in a section that asks each client to sign a document. I dont need to pull any code i believe i just need the paragraph to show up on everyone’s tax letter. How do i go about coding it into the letter? i started with {{#CurrentClient}} then the text and then ended with {{/end}} but the text is not showing up in my template? if someone could help me out that would be great.


If you want the paragraph in every letter, wouldn’t plain text work? Is a code really required? My client letter includes several paragraphs I’ve inserted in my cloned version of the standard template.

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I thought so to but when i typed in the paragraph that i wanted it didnt show up in the letter? I thought maybe there was a code i was missing or something?

You are probably placing it in a place affected by conditional code… Try to place it in a place where it is not subject to a conditional code…

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ok thank you i will give that a try and see what happens :slight_smile: