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Client Manager Efile Status

We have returns showing in the client manager as “ready to efile” that have been filed and accepted. If I open the return it correctly shows as accepted but in the client manager it does not.
The only way I have found to make client manager update their status is to open the return and individually print the Efile receipt.
Why is the client manager not showing the correct status and what can we do to fix this?

The Client Manager should be updating the status of your returns each time a return is saved. Other actions, such as printing a form, will also force Client Manager to update the database.

Did you efile these returns individually or use the batch?

I should also note that you can perform an index of your client’s files. This will re-evaluate all of your returns and update the status accordingly.

I have noticed that if you split of dependants to their own file, their efile status from the original ‘coupled with parent’ returns remains hanging.

That is bothersome. Is there a resolution to this?

I personally do not like the second file being saved for the t1adj etc. I would have preferred that the program keep one file with multiple returns in it like linked family members. The adjusted return is on top and you could view the prior return with out making changes on it.

I should be able to run a query that shows me all the return that are not filed. I am not confident in the current system to give me that information like I was with my old program.

Anyone else still experiencing this issue?

I noticed a few files like this last T1 season when I was double checking that all our returns were in prior to the deadline - some were marked as “ready to file” which had been successfully filed.

Just ran into a T2 today that was showing the same thing.

Any idea what could cause this?

Re-saving the file as suggested above did update the status correctly; however, it’s a bit unnerving because we rely on the outputs from client manager quite a bit.

I suppose due to the workflow we shouldn’t get false positives? i.e. my concern here would be returns that have not been filed, which are showing as successfully filed in the client manager.