Client manager and 2year sum

Hi there, is it possible to update the client manager so that I change change the engagement status and dates through the client manager rather than needing to open the tax return?

Also, is it possible to add an option on the 2 year summary to remove rows that aren’t in use?


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Has been asked at least once before…

I’d like to have this ability, too.

I would like to track the number of assessments for each year in both Client Manager and in T1 workflow. I track each filing and verify the assessment. I would like this to be more clearly visible.

I would also like to highlight the reason for the Reassessment - T1Adj, Matching, Review, etc.

Lastly I would like to add a step to the workflow to review and verify the Assessment. That way I can track the workflow

  • from the date when I send the Adjustment to CRA or when I ask the client for additional Review or Matching info,
  • until the filing is completed,
  • the assessment is completed,
  • and the assessment is verified against the ReFile, T1Adj, Review, or Matching amounts.

I prefer to be proactive rather than blindsided by panicked client calls.

Right now I use the notes fields to track this information which is a cumbersome workaround and not trackable in Client Manager.

I would also like a way to record and track life event changes in the Workflow and in Client Manager. One of my favorite client’s died last Friday. We are in the middle of T1Adj for years 2013-2018 and a reapplication of the DTC for 2010 to present instead of the assessed 2013 to present.

Major Life Events may include the following…

  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • New child
  • Child custody change
  • DTC for self
  • DTC for dependent or spouse
  • Death.
  • Executor Authorization
  • Immigration Date
  • Emmigration Date
  • Multiple Citizenship
  • Living abroad but maintaining Canadian Tax Residency.
  • USA tax filing requirement status (usually need to send copy of US Alien return and assessment for adjustment and review re Canadian T1)