Client Manager >> "not" {status selected}

More often than not, I’d like to find files that are incomplete - maybe my bookkeeper started one, or at the end of tax season I’d like to verify what is still outstanding as we approach final filing.

While the Client Manager seems to be able to select positively, I can’t seem to figure out how to do the inverse. (ie, with T1s >>> “not EFILED” or “not COMPLETE”)

Am I totally missing something?


^Bump. Anyone?

I agree, I do not find the filters in client manager to be that helpful. I would prefer to see a filter that starts with all returns (T1, T2 T4 etc) that can be filtered by year and then click to remove the ones that are electronically file or paper filed. (that is how my previous software did it and I had more confidence in the results then what I get now.

The Transmission filter group only shows positive options. This is something I will need to look at - likely in the off season.

I believe you can achieve what you want using the Workflow filter group. Try selecting “T1 EFILE Transmitted” and then select “No”. This will show all of the returns that haven’t been successfully efiled. You can then optionally OR that with the “Return Completed” workflow task.

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@Andrew, where do you select no? In the transmission filters, you can select ‘succesfully filed’ or ‘resolve errors’, ‘confirm signature’… ‘rejected’, but you cannot select no…

Answering my own question, this is under ‘Workflow’, as the other options are under ‘Transmission’

have the following filters:

TaxCycle files only
Exclude planning
Exclude training
not T1 Efile transmitted
not Paper filed
not Will not be filed

and only returns prior to 2017 are listed…

Did you check your indexing option in the Client Manager? (Options/Client Manager/Build an Index/Add folder……index now

on all other searches 2017 shows up…