Client Manager - Review Filed T4/T5

I am going through my T4’s and T5’s to make sure they’re all filed. I have a profile setup in Client Manager that uses the “T4 Internet” column. I’m wondering why the Client Manager doesn’t show the
image “happy face” in this column on the CM after I successfully have transmitted a T4/T5. Instead, it shows the other icon (whatever it is). I have to go into the workflow and check off that the return is completed in order for it to show as filed successfully on the CM. This seems to be an unnecessary step. If the return has been successfully transmitted, I would expect the program to accept that without me having to manually go in and check off a box. Am I missing something?

Although this doesn’t help you I can confirm I have happy faces.

Obviously my Monday is just not as happy as your’s @Arliss. Thanks for the feedback!

Check your workflow items. I think it is likely something there needing to be addressed, or turned off, preventing the happy face.

I actually want the happy face. It shows me that the return has been filed successfully. It’s very disconcerting to see other icons in that field when I know that the return has already been filed successfully.

I understand that I was just trying to indicate that is likely something in the workflow section preventing the happy face from appearing. Something “required” but not checked possibly.

What is the other icon you are seeing? If you hover over top of it you will get the Tooltip which will tell you what it is.


Hi @sarka. I have taken a screenshot of it. The icon is the horizontal line with the blue up-arrow. It gives me the same tool-tip as the happy face.
image. The following screenshot is from my CM. ALL the files corresponding to these icons have been transmitted successfully so you can see my dilemma.

In options - if you manually reset and re-index your files for Client Manager under Client Manager > Monitored Folders does that fix it for you?


If yes, then under Client Manager > Server Settings you can try setting your options as follows for Client Manager:

  1. Uncheck “Only index files that have changed”.
  2. Check “Reset the database before re-indexing it”.

Thanks @sarka. I had reindexed before (without luck) but I didn’t check the “Reset the database before re-indexing it”. When I checked that box, everything appears as normal. Thanks for your assistance.