Workflow items changed?

Installed the latest version of TaxCycle today (13.1.53134.0) and the T1 workflow item “Payment received” (see below) has changed - it didn’t previously require an override. Has anyone else noticed this?

Further to this, for all T1 files that had the “Payment received” item previously checked off, that item has now been UN-checked. When searching for that item in the Client Manager (i.e. where the “Payment received” workflow item = “No”), those files do not show up, but when we open such a T1 file, the workflow item is un-checked.

We have not yet investigated T2 or other types of files.

Yes, I am able to reproduce this issue. I am chatting with the team now (will likely have to chat again tomorrow) as to the fix. In the 2024 T3 module, we added the new Payment WS. And the “Payment received” check box is automatically calculated based on the new WS in T3. Now, the check box mode (now a mode of “calculated” vs “edit”) is in a spot of our source code where it is shared with all modules. And so by changing the check box mode in the T3 workflow, it also changed it for all modules as well. Anyway, my apologies and I will keep you in the loop as soon as I find out more information.



We will get a fix out as soon as we can. All of us are on it 100%.
Again, my apologies.


We included automation to set the Paid workflow item to completed with the new Payments worksheet we are adding to all our new modules (starting with 2024 modules). Client Manager will show the correct value saved in the file, but when you open the file, the automation is applied instead of preserving the checked status (as you described) but if close the file without saving it will retain the original completed value. This will apply to all files opened in Build 53134.

We are working on a fix before the release is pushed to auto-update.

Thanks for letting us know so quickly.

You are welcome. Thanks for responding so quickly @sarka @Steven

I think I will hold off on the update based on this.

FYI - today’s update seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!

I am glad to hear people are using the invoicing feature. I hope you find the new payments worksheet useful as well as we roll it out to all the modules. Payments is currently available in the T3 module.

Actually, I don’t use the invoicing feature. I just use the workflow checklist, and I have the Print Configuration set to automatically mark “Invoice sent” when I print the T183:

I use the invoicing feature in TaxCycle for all T1 clients and some T3 clients. T2 clients are invoiced through Caseware. Every software package wants to be the main source of client information but I don’t see the value of tracking invoice payments through TaxCycle. I would think most accountants have another program for invoicing/payments and other bookkeeping. I have no problem with that feature added but don’t see it making T1 prep easier, even on the billing/collecting side.

I bill my clients in the same way as @kevin Kevin does. T1 & T3 through TaxCycle and T2’s through CaseWare Time.

I keep a list of invoices billed through the T1 and T3 modules in a separated Excel Spreadsheet showing invoice date, amount [with HST] and date paid and payment method. I use this for my month end reporting in my accounting program.

I would use the payment feature if it was possible to generate a list of invoices for a specified period that shows this data. If that wouldn’t be possible, I would just continue using my Excel spreadsheet.

You can set up a report in the Client Manager that will give you that list.

@kevin - thanks I never looked into that.

@sarka - unless I am missing it, the columns in Client Manager don’t show an option for tax charged and method of payment and there also is no option to record the date of the payment.

In Options you can create a custom layout for invoicing to include the amount owing before taxes but we don’t currently support showing a sales tax code in Client Manager.

You can choose the Invoice Layout to show the invoicing columns in our default view and then use the custom filters to narrow your search by module and/or year.


Or select Outstanding Invoices in the Quick Search along the right side which is already set up to use the Invoicing view and include a filter for invoices with an unpaid balance.

Thank you Sarka.