Bug In New Version -- Forms Checklist Items Selection Not Carried Forward

Just FYI,

I advised TaxCycle Support about this today, but thought I’d post it here to save others some time – for those who use the Forms Checklist feature/option.

The new version that I installed today (10.2.43808.0) no longer carries forward the check-marked form items from the prior year in the forms list for the new return.

Was told that it’ll be fixed in the next release.

It gets worse…

If you have a file open with all the forms you use selected, then save and close the file, all of the selected form checkmarks are gone again the next time you open the file!

Today’s newer version (10.2.43855.0) did not include the fix, unfortunately


We received your note about this issue but since our release went out yesterday we didn’t have time to include it in yesterday’s build. The issue has been resolved and will be available in a forthcoming update.

~ Rob