T1135 Paper filed workflow preventing completion

I’ve just noticed a bug in the workflows for T3 returns. The workflow for “T1135 Paper Filed” is preventing the Transmission and Filing section from checking off as complete. I’ve double checked my workflow options, and T1135 Paper filed is not a required workflow for this section. The T1135 was efiled in this case, and that workflow has been checked off instead. As soon as I check off the T1135 paper filed workflow the entire Transmission and Filing section shows as completed.

If this is a bug, did you file the bug report to taxcycle support?

Really, the user forum isn’t the place to post bug reports. You need to let the developer know.

While you can mention this within the user forums, the developers do not search the forums for bug reports, so just posting the bug report here may mean that no one will notice your comments for weeks.

If you want faster service, call or use the contact form on their website.

There is a section of this forum specifically for bug reports (have a closer look at where my topic is posted), so I have to disagree. If they did not want people posting them on this forum then that section should be removed.