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Duplicated forms from latest update


We have noticed that multiple forms/ slips/ SCH 4 items/ 777 WS are duplicating from the switch from the previous update to the latest update release - is there a patch or fix to this?

For example, on 777 WS we see the same T4 on two lines - the top line has no impact but can’t be deleted and the second line will actually flow through to the return.

We have also noticed that the tuition transfer got duplicated from $5k to $10k from the same one child student. We aren’t able to delete this duplication so we were forced to override.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Laura,

It sounds like there is an internal error in the file. When we report amounts in a table, such as amounts from a T4 on the T777WS we create an internal link to ensure the data flows properly. If an error occurs with the link, it could result in duplicate information. Do you recall seeing any error messages while working in the return?

I am investigating and am wondering if you could send a file that has the problem for us to examine. This will help me determine what caused the problem, and I will also be able to remove the duplicate items and return it so you don’t need to override any amounts.

You can send files securely using to If you don’t have an account with e-courier, please let me know and we can set up a guest account.

Thank you

Dan Parkinson
Trilogy Software