2022 Changes to Taxcycle annual thread

  1. Taxcycle should update client information in Taxfolder if it changes rather than give a HTTP400 error. Currently if the email for the client changes, you need to update Taxfolder to new email before trying to send new form for signing.
  2. I would prefer that the T4/T5/T5018 etc files would look after filing, I realize I can lock it after printing but I find that this is annoying, It should not be that big of an issue to lock the file after you file it like T1 do. All the other modules should work the same way.
  3. Using the T4s not filed quick search does not work very well or I do not know how to set it up, if I search for T4’s not filed, the program should not show me files that have the T4’s filed but not T4A has been entered or filed.
  4. Should be able to sign off the subtotal on the T4slip or reconciliation screen (same for all modules)
  5. T4slip summary screen a cannot add box 42 employment commissions to the report. all box numbers should be available.
  6. should be able to freeze the certain columns on the T4slip summary et al reports so the name will stay on the screen while I scroll
  7. ability to clear all check marks on a column on above report would be helpful as well
  8. would be nice to have the ability to just show the regular or reduced on the above reports as well to help with reconciling.
  9. prior year display of the applicable exemptions would be nice as well on T4 entry screen
  10. since box 24 and 26 are calculated, maybe add check boxes beside the other information lines so if checked (or unchecked) it would reduce box 24 or 26 as required without forcing us to override.
  11. right click menu should have quick send to Taxfolder for signature link, that is independent of the print jobs

134 T4 slips with employee copies printed but not yet filed. Received a correction on one and spent WAAAAAAY too much time clearing 133 checkmarks to reprint the corrected T4. :grimacing:

In my opinion, next time do not wait for one’s T4 correction to delay the filing. Better file it early with the wrong one, and issue an amendment T4 to correct the wrong one. You would not get the penalty.

Wish you good luck!


It was filed on time! No penalties.