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Windows 10

Are we okay to upgrade to Windows 10
Has anyone done so and can they share their experience

I have been using W10 since around the end of 2015. No major problems. There are features I do like about it. The one thing I noticed on my wife’s laptop, where she has the Home version of W10, is that you cannot fully control the downloading of updates. Her computer would go to a extremely sluggish state and the reason was that there was a Windows update sitting there waiting to be installed. Very frustrating. My understanding is that this is not a problem with the Professional version.

I haven’t had any problems between TaxCycle/DoxCycle and W10.

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We have one computer on Windows 10 Pro since late 2015 and also have had no issues with Taxcycle and Doxcycle. Also no issues with older accounting programs. Multiple Quickbooks versions down to 2003 are installed and working fine.

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Thank you for the feedback, very helpful

Walt P Cunha

I’ve used Windows 10 this year. Been very satisfied with it. No issues using TaxCycle. Have not used DoxCycle though. I’ve been using QuickBooks as well without issue.

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