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Slowwwwww upgrade

Taxcycle says an update is available, but unlike the past, the update process is very,very slow. I am using W10 pro.Workaround is to get latest file from website and update that way.

What upgrade are you downloading?

Auto update wants to update me to 6.0.30877.0

try restarting the computer your network connection might be clogged
mine last week went fast and i am on w10 pro using beta build from Microsoft

I am also on Win 10 Pro and it went slick as usual

I have fiber optic internet and rebooted the modem and router on Thursday. To do the update as the application recommended, it took 2-3 hours, not 2-3 minutes as it normally does.

I have upgraded both Taxcycle and Doxcycle - if I do it thru the application, I give up after 1.5 hours of watching the attached. If I go to the Taxcycle website and download the files, the update takes less than 5 minutes.

Strangeā€¦ it was a quick update for about 20 PCs at our office as well.

There have been some reports of slow upgrades; however, it appears to be the exception rather than the rule.

Updated computer to latest Windows 1607. Finally, the Taxcycle upgrade happens in 2 minutes, not 2 days.