Verification code issue

My clients are getting an issue with the verification code. When they enter the last 4 digits of their phone number they receive 5 codes in 5 different texts and then they get the screenshot attached, indicating that they have reached the limit for the number of verification codes they can request. They are unable to get another code and it wouldn’t reset when they exited the screen and tried to go back in.

We are investigating. Can you please confirm what device you are using and what the default browser is?

Thanks Sarka.

He used safari on an ipad.

Also, for the document sharing function, I sent him a request for documents along with the engagement letter to sign. Taxfolder didn’t send an activation email, so I directed him to reset his password to gain access. He says he got the password reset email, but when he clicked the link it looked like taxfolder thought he was a tax preparer and he wasnt able to reset the password and gain access to document sharing.

I just talked to a client with the same issue. Their number on file was a landline and it never rang to give them a code. So they kept trying until they got this error.

We use a service that tests to see if the phone number is a landline or a cell phone. Unfortunately, since some mobile phone companies have moved into the VOIP space the service cannot detect the type of phone correctly 100% of the time. To work around this, on Saturday we added text with a link to force the code to be sent as if it was a landline - they should see “Call me with a voice message instead” under the verification code box to force a voice call.

The password re-set looks like this:

We have identified an issue where the user is being sent to after resetting the password. We are adding a new page that will allow the user to select to go to TaxCycle or TaxFolder after resetting their password instead.

Thanks Sarka. I know in the case of my clients, having the option between taxfolder and taxcycle will confuse them. Is there a way to just direct them to Taxfolder?