TaxFolder and iphones

We have clients trying to access TaxFolder with their iPhone and not receiving the text message back. Is this another compatibility issue? We have found if you are not on Chrome, it just doesn’t work.

We have investigated similar reports and found that in general this is happening when the user tries to enter the 4 digit phone number rapidly in succession and they don’t wait for the verification code to arrive. Sometimes this can take a minute or two depending on a number of variables.

Some users then try to enter the verification code in the phone number box and end up with too many tries.

We also have noted that Chrome seems to be more reliable for end-users and is the browser we recommend.

We will be implementing some improvements in the user SMS window to try to make it clearer as to what they need to do and to add a buffer on the retry for the phone number.

Same thing has happened to two clients today. One client waited 20 minutes for a text and nothing has come.

I have had a couple people telling me the form is black when they get it, I have not checked on their phone types as of yet. Anyone else having these issues?

Yes I have heard of the form being grey.

Have resent and had success though.

Please send the Document ID number(s) to and we can fix those ones for you. Or you can re-send.


SMS and iPhone troubleshooting.

We have noted that when a client is using Safari and does not have JavaScript enabled on their iPhone the text message does not send at all. This can be turned on in Settings > Safari > Advanced. Or they can copy the link and open in Chrome or another browser that is JavaScript enabled.

Where the client is getting the message “Unable to Send” this happens on iPhone when the Cookies are Blocked in Safari. Cookies need to be enabled in order for the SMS to send.

The variables and complexities of all the different systems and processes to try to work with must be :exploding_head:.

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I am not sure resend works every time, I have tried that and the client does not receive. they do receive the resend activation email tho. I just deleted the form and then reprinted in from Taxcycle

If the document status shows as a black line (ie not saying Sent) then the email was not successfully triggered by TaxFolder. In that case, you may need to delete the document and send again as a new document from TaxCycle.