Reset after 5 attempts

Client just informed me that they had an error that said the could not enter the verification process as they have 5 failed attempts.

When this happens how can we reset it. Client kept entering in the wrong code a bunch of times, not sure why, but if this happens again. How do we fix?

They should be able to enter the most recent validation code sent to them if within a few minutes. If they are not sure which one that is, I suggest they clear their text messages from the service, refresh the screen and try again. Once they enter the last of the 4 digits they do not need to hit ENTER, they just need to wait a second and the code will come.

I had a client put in the number the text came from and not the code in the text, which gave them a message “could not verify code”

but how do we reset if the client tried too many times?

They should be able to hit refresh in the browser to reset the page. Ideally they should wait a minute or two before trying again. Make sure they are entering the verification code in the correct field and clicking on the view documents button to submit. It may be they are hitting enter and that may be resending the code instead of opening the document.