TaxFolder E-signature on Ipad

I have had two customers tell me today that the 6 digit verification code was not sent to there cell hone when they tried using an iPad to do the signature. They tried again on a cell phone with no problems.

Anyone else experience this glitch with clients using an iPad?


The code that triggers the SMS to send relies on JavaScript to be enabled in the browser settings. The Safari default for JavaScript, at least in older models, is to have this setting OFF. We do have code in place to try to detect if JavaScript is turned off and will display a prompt to update the settings, but it is difficult to get this 100% right for all combinations of devices, model and browsers.

If you do have clients that experience this, please send a message to with the make and model of the device and the browser being used (ie iPhone 7 and Safari). This would help us tremendously.

We also have a help topic on our website:

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