Using 1 Client for Multiple Companies

We have many of our clients that have more than one corporation/entity. Will they be able to access all their companies with one Taxfolder login? I see online that you can set up multiple engagements for each client, just want to make sure that this will work for us.


Joe Smith has one email address and 3 corporations. With this 1 email address and login, will he be able to access and upload documents to each corporation and his personal tax under his 1 Taxfolder login?

Thanks in advance

That is correct. You can to create separate “Engagement(s)” under a single client entity (one email/login).

Engagements are created for each client based on type of return and year (ie 2021 T1 or 12/31/2021 T2). You can use the custom engagement label to identify which entity the engagement belongs to.

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