TaxFolder Log in e-mail

Just going to log in the first time and I am trying to decide if the e-mail address of my account should be changed first. I am the owner of the firm and would prefer my administrative staff handle all the send/receive and notifications from tax folder. After I sign in can I assign which staff’s e-mail address the notifications go to? I would rather keep my e-mail address as the one assigned to the account but prefer admin staff to handles the taxfolder.
Thanks in advance for your recommendations/suggestions

@rosanna The Admin access allows your employee to see all clients, all engagements and they will have access to modify the TaxFolder setup including adding and deleting staff members. The Staff access restricts access to the user profile and engagements they are specifically assigned to. So it depends on how much access you would like to grant your staff. When a user prints to TaxFolder from TaxCycle, they will automatically be assigned to the engagement. The notifications will be sent back to the person who is assigned to the engagement.

Okay, so i only signed up for one user but see that this may cause an issue now. If i switch my e-mail address then all my community support and billing etc will also go to the admin staff. Not sure i want that to happen. Is there an option to add a user at this point? If there is, what is the additional fee?

@rosanna You can add an additional license for $155.