Unlock a signed PDF file

I have emailed a T183 to a client for signing. He has signed it in his phone and is returning it. When I try to open the file to print, it is now requiring a password. The client did not put any password in place. Is there a way to unlock this file? I don’t remember changing any settings.
I have done this many times in the past but am now encountering this for the first time.

Try printing it to pdf again with a different pdf printer. Then print the new pdf you created.

That does the trick sometimes.

How did you email it to the client?

  • Did you use taxcycle’s service or another service?
  • Or did you email the form to the client and let them figure out how sign?

If you sent the form via Taxcycle’s electronic signature service, you may need to contact taxcycle directly as this may be an issue with their signature service.

If you used another service, you need to speak to support from the other service.

If you emailed the form to the client and allowed them to choose how to sign, you need to ask the client what is the password.

I had the same thing happen to me a few days before Christmas. Did you get this resolved?

I just printed it from the Taxcycle dialogue in pdf with no restrictions in editing.