Is Taxfolder signatures having issues?

My client just emailed me that she’s having issues signing her T183. She signed her authorization a week ago without issue so I don’t think it’s a matter of her not understanding how to use Taxfolder. Here’s what she emailed me;

When we click on “signature” it opens the box to allow us to draw it, but then nothing shows up when we do. It freezes on that screen and won’t let us draw the signature.


They might have multiple instances of Taxfolder open in their browser? Have them close all the open pages in the browser and try again?

It was misbehaving for me earlier today.
They did an update for TaxFolder yesterday. If it persists, I would call support.

There were no changes to the signature box in this past release, but if you do see this again, please call support. It may be related to the site being taken down for a brief update earlier this morning. We posted this shortly afterwards.

How would we know when the Patch has been applied?
It seems like TaxFolder is currently offline.

Is there somewhere where we can go to find out when TF is going to be down for scheduled maintenance?

We are in the process of updating right now. We expect to be done by 7pm MST. Maintenance updates are posted in your TaxCycle news feed.

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Am I the only one finding TaxFolder slow to respond today?

Is TaxFolder down? I’ve tried twice to send through documents for signature throught the print set.
It’s also running very slowly.

This is the error message:


Since the update on Friday, the loading of the client list is notably slower. We will be addressing this in an update planned for tonight.

For this issue, if it is not resolved, can you please contact support so we can get log files from you?

Is there still issues with Taxfolder? I’m still seeing issues - stuff not going at all, etc.

Other than the client detail being slow to load, everything else is operating as expected. If there is something specific I can investigate, please send an email to to my attention and I can take a look.

Client said she received email to sign document, she signed and then hit send signatures. I never received it and TaxFolder shows the email status as clicked on by client. I resent a request client said she again signed and hit send, but nothing coming through.

Another client email status is showing opened.

Are these client issues or TaxFolder issues?

Same thing is happening to my files.

For the email status,

  • Delivered = received by the email client

  • Opened = email was marked as read

  • Clicked = a link was followed from the email

The email client cannot track the status beyond this point. In the case where a client has reported that they signed a document but the status is not showing as completed in TaxFolder, please send the document ID to to my attention.

I sorted my issue out - I had to log myself out of Taxfolder in Taxcycle and then log back in. It worked after that.

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Sorry for sounding a little thick but is the document ID the Document Control number or is this the Document ID something we get somewhere else?

I have 2 T183’s that may have gone missing. One has been marked as “opened” the other has been marked as “clicked on”. I have dispatched emails to these clients asking if they encountered issues with the signing process.

I’m getting “Unable to reach TaxCycle Signature Service” error when trying to send and re-send T183’s.
Tried signing out of TaxFolder, signing out of TaxCycle on computer, reboot computer… same issue.

Clients say they have signed their T183’s successfully. My system isn’t showing that and TaxFolder isn’t showing the forms are signed either.


Our Notification service, which is connected to all e-Signature integrations, was just scaled up and this should resolve this issue. It should reset automatically, if not, please close and re-openTaxCycle to reconnect.

You can find the Document ID in the document menu here:


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