T183 esign/re-sign paper

I have a client who signed the T183 in TF earlier today. Then, found some extra information so when she stopped by to pay, we added it. The T183 changed by $800. I printed a new one and she signed it on paper, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the esigned document so I can send the paper signed one with the updated total.

Anyone know how I can sort this out?

Do you mean TaxCycle didn’t automatically warn you that a new T183 must be signed? Or, after you printed the new T183, TaxCycle still thinks the previous time/date stamp is valid?

The second one. I printed a new T183 for her to sign, but there wasn’t an option to select paper signature and transmit the updated one. On screen, I could see the time stamp from the esigned version so I’m pretty sure that’s what they got.

I went ahead and sent it as was so it wasn’t late. If CRA doesn’t get the updated version, I can send an adjustment for the new information easily enough. Fortunately, she had a refund, so no interest will be involved. She knew we were at the wire with the change, so she won’t be bent about it.

Sounds like a bug that TaxCycle may want to investigate. Unless I am misunderstanding. Did you E-file the return twice? That would explain it - once filed, you can’t just make a change and file again. You have to wait until the NOA is issued, then use Re-File for the T1-ADJ. In other words, if CRA got the “e-signed” T183, you shouldn’t be allowed to change it. A new T183 is needed for Re-File. Ensure you keep a copy of both T183s.

But, if you simply recorded the e-signed time stamp in TaxCycle (and NOT filed the return), you should be able to change the signature type.

Thanks Nezzer, I’m pretty sure it will be a user bug. I’m sure you’re right. I didn’t intentionally try to e-file twice, but it’s entirely possible in trying to sort it out, I did. CRA definitely has an e-filed return they are assessing in any event.

I have both T183s and will re-file as you suggest. Thanks for the help!

If you efile the same tax return twice CRA will not accept it and you will receive a notice back to that effect.

unless you click to restart the e-file?