Setting up TaxFolder for signatures

Trying to setup Taxfolder for signature requests
Set up a print option thru TaxCycle similar to Docusign.
When attempting to send for signature, I receive a message on print monitor that says “you are not currently signed into TaxCycle. Please sign in before attempting to send documents for electronic signature.”

I am printing this thru Taxcycle so I am not sure how I am not signed in or what to do.

You need to connect TaxCycle to TaxFolder using the TaxCycle login credentials you used to set-up TaxFolder.

You can do that in the top right of the window

OR by using the Connect button in the print dialogue when you select Output of PDF and Email of TaxFolder

The taxfolder system is frustrating me .
Clients have emailed me indicating their invitations have expired, so I have resent , not sure why they are expiring.
I send a form for signature thru taxcycle and a new file is created in taxfolder. Not sure why?

The link in the Account Activation email is valid for 48 hours from the time it is sent out. If it is expired, you can re-send the activation email or the client can use the Forgot my password link to activate their account.

The link in the Request For Signature email is valid for 7 days and you can resend this from TaxCycle or TaxFolder if the request is past the 7 days and your client has not yet signed.

I am not sure what you mean when you say you are not sure why a new file is created in TaxFolder? Do you mean that TaxFolder is creating a duplicate engagement or adding another document in the existing engagement?

We are currently addressing some situations that have been identified where TaxFolder is creating duplicate engagements.

In terms of document requests, each time you print to TaxFolder from TaxCycle it will create a NEW document request which will show in the engagement for your client. In the case where more than one print set is being sent at a time using Print Selected, TaxCycle will create a separate request for each print set.

If you want to re-send an existing document you can do that from TaxCycle for a single form by using the Resend link at the top of the form or from TaxFolder in the case of a print set with multiple forms.

See Document and Engagement Status | TaxFolder | TaxCycle for help on editing or resending an existing signature request in TaxFolder.

What I mean by a new file is a duplicate name is created on the client dashboard. Same name, tax year and type. Label is different. Is this a duplicate engagement?

I send client an invitation this creates a file in pending, I assign and this assignment moves file to “in Progress” tab.

Client sends me documents and I am able to review.

I send client an authorization form for client and spouse, thru taxcycle using the print set “taxfolder”

This creates two more files (engagements) one with same name, tax year and type, and one with spouse name, taxyear and type.

I want to send them tax summaries for review

Once reviewed Id like to send them forms for signature

Each time I send something thru taxcycle, will this create another engagement? It appears so

What is the proper way to send these?

In the client tab, you will see the list of clients and only the most recent engagement (yes the label is what we use to distinguish an individual engagement). In all the other tabs you will see all the engagements listed and so if a client has more than one tax return being prepared or you have a situation where you have a coupled return and they share an email address you will see one for each type or return and for each spouse. These will all show the client name and email repeated in the first columns of the view.

TaxFolder can have one client with one email address, but multiple engagements or jobs which we use labels to distinguish. So if the labels are different, then these would not be duplicate jobs. If the same label is being created then this would be a duplicate.

When you first create the client in TaxFolder, we have identified that if you do not add a name in the label field a duplicate engagement can be created when you print to that client from TaxCycle. That is one of the things we are fixing this week.

In TaxCycle, when you select to print to TaxFolder, at the bottom of the print dialogue there is a field you can use to select the engagement you want the documents to be printed to. By default this is the first and last name of the TaxPayer.

In the interim, if you add the first and last name of the client in the label field when adding a new client in TaxFolder, TaxCycle should find the correct engagement in TaxFolder and not create a duplicate. OR, you can send the engagement letter or annual checklist from TaxCycle to create the client and the engagement and select the request to upload documents in the print dialogue box. This will send the invitation, create the client and the engagement in TaxFolder and send a request to upload documents at the same time. Any additional documents you print to TaxFolder from the file will be automatically linked to the same engagement by default.

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When I print to TaxFolder from Taxcycle. It creates a new engagement in TaxFolder, leaving me with multiple engagements per client.

Are you printing single forms or print sets?

Are you selecting an engagement from the drop down in the print menu?

Finally, what version of TaxCycle are you using?

We’ve made some improvements to this recently, so I’m trying to figure out if we’ve already resolved the issue you’re having. We have some TaxFolder improvements coming in the next version of TaxCycle, coming within a few days.

Thanks for your patience.

I am using print sets

Are you selecting an engagement from the drop down in the print menu? Im am unsure what you mean

Taxcycle version 10.1.42514.0