Trouble updating to version 11.0.45606.0

I’m having trouble installing the latest update. When I close TaxCycle, the update triggers, and I click [Install update], but the program closes and no update happens. Tried a couple times yesterday, and seeing the same thing today (after shutting down for the night - i.e. reboot had no effect).

I can confirm the same issue.
Update downloads but won’t install.

TaxCycle keeps telling me a new update is available.

Tried on 2 separate computers.

read release notes you have to download the full version there is a problem with updating from the last build


Ok thanks, good to know.

Difficult to read the release notes when the release doesn’t install. I guess I don’t intuitively think to go online and navigate to TaxCycle release notes. I think the only time I see the release notes is via the automatic opening of that web page after installing an update. :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL. Ditto.

Please download the full install for this time only. FYI to anyone wanting more details on the issue:

Known Issue: Automatic Update Doesn’t Launch From Version 11.0.45520.0 | TaxCycle

And thanks @Nezzer for starting the thread. I was just starting to write something to announce it here. :slight_smile:

Same here but as Elizabeth mentioned, removing and doing a full install always works except after finished, the dialog box gives the option to launch taxcycle, but it has never worked to launch TC ever. You have to double click on the icon

You need not performing a full removal and install after downloading new version from website.
Just click on downloaded file and it will recognize you already have TaxCycle installed and proceed to update to new version.

Exactly the same thing happened to me today.

I am going to call TaxCycle support on Monday.

Check the left side of the Taxcycle screen. There’s a note about the update. It’s the same as Elizabeth posted earlier. Go to the website and download the full program, then install from the download. Easy. Mind you, I came from the Cantax world, where each of the 3 modules had its own install every time there was an update. And the program didn’t prompt you. You got an email telling you an update is available. You login to Cantax, navigate to the file download, answer the standard questions, download the file and install. And that’s only the beginning. Then you go to preferences to check/correct the file location for about 7 file/location combos. And add your efile password. And create a folder to hold next year’s files. And that’s for ONE module. Now that I’m on Taxcycle, it’s like I’m in heaven. Taxcycle makes life so much easier, so I can put up with the odd glitch.

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