Auto update not working

I am running version 8.1.34657.0 and when tried to check for update it says tax cycle is updated. This never happened before. Now since version 8.1.34743 available, why tax cycle not updating itself. In my setting. Auto update is enabled and update frequency set to “rush”.
The second issue, I download the update manually and the zip file is corrupt as the window is unable to open it. I am getting the error message as below.

Regarding auto update, I saw a note here indicating the auto update of this version would not be available until tomorrow.

I would hold off on the update if you use Doxcycle, as the linking between it and Taxcycle appears to be broken when carrying forward files with this version. All ready linked files seem to be okay.

For now my work around is to create all linked files on a machine with the older version. They then open and are linked with the newer version.


Good to know. I have been too busy to install the last update. So, I will hold off for now.

The auto-update was not enabled for yesterday’s release as we didn’t want to push an update on the last day of slip filing. The error message you displayed seems to indicate something either went wrong with the manual download of the setup file (in which case, you can attempt to re-download it) or the relevant setup files weren’t fully extracted from the zip folder before running the application.

~ Rob

Check with Marc as he confirmed the problem yesterday.

If you are referring to the the issue with TaxCycle/DoxCycle linked files that has been resolved with build 34753 that is available as download only like yesterday’s release.

~ Rob

Very good. Had not been informed there was a new build to download.


Good to know. I hear that the next auto update with this patch is coming out next week. I can wait for the accelerated capital cost allowance until then.

Same problem today with zip folder. getting error message. Also auto update saying tax cycle is up to date. What’s going on. its very frustrating.

Auto update is not available until Monday so it is going to indicate that “Taxcycle is up to date”. As far as your other issue I can’t help unfortunately. If you wish the new version download from the web site.