Taxfolder Not working

Is Taxfolder down? I am trying to login in but I am getting “this page isn’t working.”

Me too. I haven’t found any news about when we can expect it to be back up and running.

TaxFolder is up and running. After the update on Saturday we have had a couple of reports where users could not sign in and clearing the browser cache restored access. Can you please try that? If it does not work, please contact support and we can help trouble shoot your specific issue.

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Thanks, Sarka!

Thank you!

Hi Sarka! We’re all continually getting errors loading TaxFolder since yesterday where we get a box that says “ says DataTables warning: table id=client-list-table - Ajax error.” and then refers to an outside link that doesn’t make sense to any of us. A refresh of the screen removes the error but sometimes the client search feature won’t work and we need to close the browser and re-open.

FYI :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know. We have experienced some intermittent site outages this week. The developers have identified the issue and we are currently testing a possible solution. I suspect the Ajax error you are periodically seeing may be related but could also be something in your firm database we need to look at. If you run into this again, can you please take a screen shot and sent it to support along with a description of what you were doing when you received this message? If you can replicate this with a consistent set of steps, then please request a screen share so we can grab some additional diagnostic information.

Will do, thanks Sarka and thank you for all that you do to support your clients! We’re very happy with TaxCycle, DoxCycle, and TaxFolder!

Anyone else having extreme TaxFolder issues today? I get all kinds of error messages, things not sending via TaxCycle, the whole site being down at times, incredible hang/lag times.

Happy tax season! LOL

I am having issues today. It’s not working for me at all.

Having issues all day!! Will not load, then service unavailable. If it does come up there’s no dashboard just the website to buy the product. Refresh just takes me back to service unavailable.

We are aware that there have been periodic site outages this past week for TaxFolder. These are related to how we cache the client list. Generally the site is back up within a few minutes of an outage when they occur. There have also been some reports of Data Table Ajax errors which are related.

We plan to release a patch tonight which will help address both issues. Please see our known issue for further updates.

In the meantime, clearing your browser cache can help in most cases.

This is not the time to be having these issues. I am also having some miner issues with TaxCycle, not saving files in the proper folder, but that I can work around. Not being able to access TaxFolder to get client files and copies of signature docs is problematic as I have no workaround. Hopefully only initial hiccups to start our season.

Thanks Sarka! Today is the first day where TaxFolder simply isn’t working for anything and it’s been like this for the past 4 hours. Clearing cache, cookies, signing out and back in, rebooting PC…nothing is working. Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow!

That was fast, but I am back online now with TaxFolder, albeit it is really slow. BUT and can access the client files now. Cheers

I have reset everything as well and still am having no luck and several clients are reporting that the text codes are not arriving.

We are in the process of scaling up one of the services where we are seeing some bottlenecks for TaxFolder. This should speed things up - but we have had to temporarily put the site into maintenance mode. Many apologies - we understand that everyone is working to a slips filing deadline we should have the site back up shortly.

As of this morning still not able to access

I am getting the same Ajax error - when I can actually access TaxFolder. I have been sending the T183 for one client for the past 10 minutes and it’s just “sending”.

Are we sure TaxFolder is working properly/

At 11am this morning we scaled up additional TaxFolder services and we are working on possible solutions to improve how the client list loads which is the source of the slow downs at the moment.