Tax Folder 2020

Any updates on the launch and features of this program?

@walt Our development and quality assurance teams are working hard on getting TaxFolder ready for launch. Provided we do not run into any show stoppers, our plan is to launch late January. Watch for more news and a new demo coming soon.


Hi @sarka that is good to hear, but I and I suspect that some of my colleagues would have liked to see the beta version sooner. I have purchased TaxFolder based on what was offered and hopefully would have time to test it out before the tax season starts and most importantly before my renewal notifications for my other e-signature program and online portal.

I am however looking forward to TaxFolder.


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I think I might be out of the loop. What is this “TaxFolder” of which you speak?

It’s an integrated module that allows for digital signing of documents like Docusign.

Here’s the link to what we’re offering this year and a brief demo from our online conference in the fall: TaxFolder | Electronic signatures and more, from the makers of TaxCycle | TaxCycle

I agree with Michael,
We are putting together marketing material as well as planning office workflow and planning on which apps to update ,upgrade and renew.

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Hi Elizabeth

I seem to recall that there may be a tax folder seminar today,

If so, can I get the details please

There is, at 11am MT. You can register here: Sneak Peek: TaxFolder Registration (

In the future (in case I don’t respond on time) you can also just head to our website, and look under the Training menu and go to the Webinars page. They also appear in the On-Demand section quite promptly after the live broadcast.

We are moving ahead with TaxFolder for this season and electronic signatures. I am wondering about a signature pad for the people to sign on when they come into the office. The thinking is that we don’t want to deal with some T183s with electronic signature and some paper copies.

Is there a hardware recommendation for this ? Is there a device that would show more of the form or would it just have the spot to sign and nothing else ?

@wightman That is great to hear. You could use a tablet with a stylus and have the client login to their portal to sign the documents in the office.

TaxFolder has not been tested with a signature pad. We have only tested with the computer, smart phone and tablet. If the device you are considering connects to a computer and can be used in place of a mouse then it should work.

Is there a specific hardware are you considering other than a tablet or iPad?

We have been using iPads in the office since 2012 for in person signatures.


We really haven’t decided on any hardware for the reception desk at this point,

I was originally thinking that document could be accessed by the front desk staff on their computer and that the signature could be done on that tablet or similar device. From what you are saying is that the client would actually have to access the portal at our front desk.

Do you think there is any way to access from our computer instead ? It seems a bit cumbersome when the client is actually physically in our office.

Our reasoning is that we estimate that at least half of the clients will still attend the office to sign their returns and it would be nice if we did not have to spend the time to access their portal. (The main reason they would attend is that they may be uncomfortable accessing the documents electronically)

Maybe I am missing something, but when physically in the office why would Tax Folder be necessary?

To avoid having 2 streams of T183s to deal with. One set received electronically and another being a stack of papers.

We decided that having them all electronically is our preference and as result we don’t want people signing the paper one in the office.

Electronic signatures for those clients that don’t come in to your office

@wightman Currently the only way to do this is to log into the client’s portal. This allows us to provide verification for the client identity, track the document status by client / engagement within TaxFolder and share that information with your TaxCycle file if created from TaxCycle.

Are we any closer to receiving this ?
I understand there are some people beta testing at the moment, anyone willing to share their experiences?

Will the ability to ask for payment and acceptance of credit cards be integrated into the process?

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It looks really good. I think within the next week