Taxfolder technical issues (June 14 2021)

Sorry to be a pain. The TaxFolder site has seen more ups and downs than a yo-yo at a championship meet. Clients are mentioning it, and it is getting embarrassing to ask them to try again in a few minutes or an hour.

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Agreed. Two days left in the last deadline and I can’t get Authorization on a new client because it is currently down.

Finally got logged in, tried to print to TaxFolder from TaxCycle. While TaxCycle print progress window showed “Sending” for three minutes, I tried refreshing TaxFolder to end up with this page:

Our services aren’t available right now

We’re working to restore all services as soon as possible. Please check back soon.


Agree with @cory, the last minute rush and I can’t verify a signature requested and now the program is hanging now getting an error. “An error occurred when trying to contact taxfolder to send request for signatures…”

We are very sorry. We have identified an issue where a specific file has been crashing the website. In the TaxCycle file the client email address was updated but it was not updated in the TaxFolder client. We did resolve the issue related to that file and continue to monitor the situation.

A fix will be included in the planned update Wednesday evening to prevent this from occurring. Longer term, we are about 75% of the way through some refactoring work which should help to address the volume related bottlenecks that we have been experiencing.