Taxfolder is stressing me out

I’ve created a couple of new engagements in Taxfolder and added copies of the clients T1 returns for them to review. Neither of them can access their taxfolder. So I rent the activation link and both of them received, only to their phones, a message that says “invalid ID, already connected. thie invitation link was already used to connect…”

  1. how come they aren’t able to see their account on email?
  2. what is happening??

Please contact support and give them the client ID or email so we can take a look at what might be happening.

Based on the error message though - they should be able to just go to TaxFolder and log into their client portal. That message shows when they try to follow a TaxFolder invite link that has already been connected with a TaxCycle account.

Before the Feb 11 update, if a client was created in TaxFolder we also created the associated TaxCycle Single Sign-On (SSO) account and sent an “activation” link to set a password.

With the update on Feb 11, that process changed and we now send an invitation to connect an account and the client can use an existing TaxCycle SSO if one was previously created for them, or they can create a new one to use to log into TaxFolder. The email that they use to sign into TaxFolder does not have to be the same email entered in TaxFolder for the notifications and signature requests.

For linking from the email, documents you send for Signature or for Approval can be opened from the email links. Documents you Share with your clients or add to the Preparer Files in the TaxFolder engagement can only be viewed by logging into the client portal.