TaxFolder Custom Signature Template

Is it possible to create a template in TaxFolder to auto insert signature fields on an uploaded pdf?
E.g. T2054

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Not currently, but if you let us know what other forms you would like supported for e-signature in TaxCycle, we can add those to our supported list.

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Sarka, thank you.
We were looking for the T2054 Capital dividend election. However we also add a dividend resolution
to be signed.
After tax season I will play with pasting resolution in a TaxCycle letter that has signature fields already there.

I love the idea of a template for the resolution - that makes a lot of sense for the T2054. Do you generally send these from the T2 module? We do not have the forms module connected yet.

We prepare the resolution in taxCycle, but since the resolution also needs to be signed we use another software to esign the election/resolution/calculation.