Putting signature fields on engagement letters (generated by tax cycle)

Given I want to printout a return, and send it along for signature…how do I setup the placement of signatures, initials and dates?


In TaxCycle, we have already placed the signature and date anchors on all relevant forms and also on the templates that are shipped with TaxCycle. We do have a known issue where if you edit any of the TaxCycle templates “on-the-fly” within a client file (so you will see Revert to Default at the top of the correspondence item), the signature and date fields will not be read when sent for e-signature.

Any changes you want will need to be added to the default template in order for the signatures to work.

The template code to place a signature in any custom template is {{ CurrentClient.Anchor.Signature }} and for date is {{ CurrentClient.Anchor.DateSigned }}


Is there a way to have add a signature to the T1 General page 4?


We do not have a way to do this in TaxCycle, but you can print the T1 Jacket to a PDF and send with the additional signature from TaxFolder.

Help for sending signature requests from TaxFolder can be found here: