TaxFolder - adding signatures (Feedback)

I’ve been sending out T1-OVPs for signatures from clients and have been using the TaxFolder’s “New Approval Request +” to add the document and place the signature and date fields.

It’s amazing! If you didn’t know you could do this, now you do.

I would love to see the ability in the future to add Initial Boxes and checkboxes as well in the future.

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I will make a note of this suggestion - I am sure others will find that useful too.

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I had a few instances that could not be fixed

  1. some areas in Northern Alberta and the Territories, where for some reason the pin code never came through on the phone
  2. in case of an elderly couple, the one spouse which had passed away, and the son was the signatory for both… did not want to work somehow, think it had to do with that he was signing on both in dual capacity with the pension income split… (he had no problem with his own returns)

Had many issues with any returns with pension splitting. Not sure why but it was a complete PITA

There is a bug in the Pension Splitting that was identified when the spouse was the transferring pensioner that caused signature boxes to fall on the wrong signature lines. This is fixed for both DocuSign and TaxFolder and will be part of the next release of TaxCycle.

We posted a help topic for the T1032 recommending this form be sent as a separate print set since it needs two signatures and everything in the print set gets sent to both parties when this form is included in the print set.

Coming soon to TaxFolder is a warning to help iPhone and iPad users when the browser settings on their device need to be updated to support SMS along with an improved SMS screen.