Resending File does not appear to work

My first signature worked perfectly for a T2 return; however, my second attempt for a 2019 T1 file did not work at all. I did have a typo in one of the emails which I corrected in taxfolder and tried to resend the document. The issue was the client never got the message. Maybe taxfolder was continuing to use the old email address rather than the one I corrected in Taxfolder so I decided to delete the package and resend the request from Taxcycle but I got an error in Taxcycle. Could be because the job already existed and was not complete? The spouse who received the package click to sign the agreement was asked for four digits of phone and code but never received a code to her phone.

I have not looked but do you have a step by step document from the clients point of view so i can talk them through this. I could create my own but i am a little busy at the moment.

Could be the clients in this circumstance as well

@james1 There is an issue with the date anchor on the T183 in T1 which we have fixed and will be in the next update. Please watch the release updates.

We have also identified an issue related to the SMS validation code not being triggered where a person is using an Android phone. We are currently testing a possible fix which we hope to get out this week if it passes our quality assurance testing. In these cases the work around is to have the package validated on a PC, the SMS code can still be entered on the Android phone and signature completed that way.

Do you recall what the error was that you received when attempting to resend with an updated email address? This will help us to track down what the issue might be.

Resources for your clients are outlined in the email that was sent out to TaxFolder users on Friday. This includes links to instructional videos and printable instruction sheets. You can also direct them to TaxFolder - FAQ for End Users for answers to common questions.

@sarka With regard to the SMS messaging for the one time code:

I tried sending myself a package for signing so I could see what the client sees. I have the following questions as a result:

  1. When sending a document to a client that does is not set up in TaxFolder, I see it creates the client. Does it pick up the mobile phone number from the T1, if there is one, to send the code or does it default to the home number?
  2. I didn’t have a mobile number in my information. The number it picked up was my home number. I never received a call with a code. I tried the resend several times with no luck. I changed the TaxFolder information to my cell number. I discovered that I still had to delete and recreate the item for signature before I got a code on my cell phone. Not being an expert on telephone systems, I am wondering if the issue with not getting the code was because we use Rogers Home Phone at home and the system my think it is a cell number rather than a landline. If that is the issue, how can we work around that? I understand that there are several telcos using the Home Phone system. This could be a problem for us.
  3. When I went into the client tax folder settings for myself (separate email from my work account) I set up the Google Authenticator. I was expecting that the system would use that to authenticate me for the signing document, but it didn’t. In what situations will the system use the authenticator app?

I am just trying to get this clear on our side before we start involving clients.

This is the error message when I try to resend the T183. Please note that I had deleted the previous document before trying to resend. I have also completed the job now but i would prefer to delete it but have not found a way to do that yet.

Yes, I am only trying this on a few clients at the moment and I am telling them it is new and just working through the security bugs to ensure their information is safe.

Is this link in the email sent to the client?

This link is included in the account activation email for getting started

This video is linked in the document signature request email

Can you check that the notification service is connected? I will see if I can replicate this on my end.


The Engagement can be deleted from TaxFolder by navigating to and selecting the client. In the Engagement view, at the top make sure you are in the engagement you want to delete and at the bottom of the screen you will find the option to Delete.


@matthew If the client does not already exist in TaxFolder, a new client will be created when you send a document for signature or approval. For the verification, it will first check the Info page in TaxCycle for a mobile phone and if one is not present it will check the home and work phone fields until it finds a phone number.

This is first report we have had related to Rogers Home phone - when the last 4 digits of the phone number are entered, the number is validated to determine if it is a landline or a cell phone number. I can ask the developer if we can add a link here to override this and specify that it is a landline if the SMS is not coming through.

The Authenticator App is used when you log into the client or preparer portal where you have set this up as additional account security (so your client account). It is separate from the document validation which is always set to SMS.

Thanks Sarka,

When I entered the last 4 digits on the screen, it told me the number was correct, and displayed the full number. So that part worked, but no code came. It would probably be good to have a way to identify the number as a landline if the issue is that the software thinks it is a cell number. We won’t want to try to sort out who is using what kind of service, so this should be set up as something the client can adjust if they don’t get a text or a call with the code.

Is there not a way to have the authenticator app used to get in to sign documents? We use an app like this for access Outlook outside of the office and it seems easier to use than the current method to get in to sign a document.

We want the extra security, but it still has to easy enough to use or we will be spending more time on the phone than we can afford to get out clients into it.

I know it is early, but at this point the current system too cumbersome for me to be comfortable using it with most clients.

The software does do a verification on the phone number to determine if it is a landline or a cell phone but it is not perfect and I think we are learning that some networks send back that it is a cell phone when in fact it is not. We are adding a link to allow the user to override and send the verification code as a voice message if it does not come through as an SMS.

We have the Authenticator App as an option for additional security on the Account Login. I can log your request to add it as an alternate option for document verification.

@james1 In situations where you print to TaxFolder with an incorrect email address, TaxCycle creates a new client with this address in two separate systems. One for the login credentials and emails related to the account set-up and another in TaxFolder for email notifications related to document requests.

The original request would have sent the account activation notification to the incorrect email address or if it was invalid would have bounced back to our mail service. This address will now be in our system attached to the user and you could have your client activate it with the incorrect email address and Forgot My Password and then update the email to the correct address. Separately you would need to update the email address in your TaxFolder Client.

Alternatively, you should be able to add a new client with the correct email address and in the one created before the correction, update the name to flag it as an account to be deleted when we add back the ability to delete a client.

Yes it was connected, it will not let you generate the slip without being connected.It also says it is connected at the bottom as well.

I did not scroll down far enough to see the big red delete button.

Even after deleting the old jobs, I tried to send the file again and got the same error trying to connect to taxfolder. Could it have anything to do with me using Docusign and have a signed T183? However, I did not use Docusign yest the first time I tried.

When I corrected the email in Taxfolder, would that not correct it in your system? i did resend the activation links to both of them and they were able to activate their accounts now, just I cannot create the form to send to them.

@james1 For security purposes, the login credentials are maintained separately from your TaxFolder client list. The email shown in TaxFolder may not always correspond to the email that is used to log into the account as we allow the users to update or change the email addresses attached to their login. I will have support reach out to regarding the error you are getting with this file so we can gather more details.