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Taxcycle - T1 - T183 Part G PAD

Taxcycle - T1 - T183 Part G PAD

I am running the 11 April 2018 version, and when I print (to pdf) the T183, the line for the bank details is not printing, (so the taxpayer cannot fill them in on the printout).

  • Scrap that - I see that the CRA version does not have it either

  • I guess that we are supposed to get the taxpayer to provide the Bank information in a different way

CRA Web info from March 2018 seems only in general terms

Creating a pre-authorized debit using EFILE
Individual taxpayers can now authorize their electronic filer to set up a pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement on their behalf to make a ‘one time’ payment for an amount owing. PAD agreements, set up by an electronic filer, are for the current tax year only and cannot be used for instalments or T2 returns.
Electronic filers will have taxpayers complete and sign Part G of Form T183, authorizing them to submit a PAD agreement on behalf of the taxpayer. The signed T183 must be retained by both the taxpayer and the electronic filer.
The PAD information is transmitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) via a secure web service with certified EFILE software. Go to EFILE certified software for a complete list.
Once the electronic filer transmits the PAD information to the CRA successfully, they will receive a web message. This message will contain the PAD transmission confirmation number, payment amount, and date of processing. The electronic filer must retain the PAD transmission confirmation number for their record. The PAD confirmation number and the confirmation number received when filing a return are separate.
The PAD option in EFILE is available to accept payments from the start of the Individual tax filing season until December 31st of each calendar year.

Hi there,
Thanks for posting this info. I received a call today from a client who had authorized a PAD and I had submitted on his behalf. He received his NOA, telling him to pay by May 2nd. I seem to recall this happened last year as well.

Can anyone confirm this is the process that CRA is taking? ie. Send out the NOA, then process the PAD after-the-fact?