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USB Electronic Signature Capture Pad integration with Taxcycle


This proposal would require subsection 150.1(4) of the Income Tax Act to be added to Schedule 2 of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. In conjunction with this change, regulations would be introduced to reflect that electronic signatures that meet specific requirements will be accepted for information returns (Form T183 and T183CORP) made under that subsection. In order for the CRA to accept an electronic signature from a taxpayer whose identity has been verified by the filer, the electronic signature will generally need to be provided in one of the following ways:

It may be provided if the taxpayer sends the information return, including the electronic signature using the electronic address most recently provided by the taxpayer to the electronic filer;

It may be provided in person by the taxpayer, in the presence of the electronic filer. e.g., using a stylus or finger on a tablet; or

It may be provided through an access controlled, secured electronic location such as a secure website that is accessible to the taxpayer only because the location of the secure website has been made known to the taxpayer and access has been granted by the filer.

Maybe @Cameron and the gals and guys down at Taxcycle should start looking at Taxcycle integration with USB Electronic Signature Capture Pad in anticipation of this roll out.