T183 Box C does not print bank info spaces

A client is interested in providing their bank info for CRA to automatically debit their account. While the boxes for banking information appear on the form when viewing in taxcycle, they do not print (printer or pdf). Any info?

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I suspect that is for privacy. I have used it for clients in the past and it works as far as I know. You have to separately transmit the request to withdraw the funds so help ensure that it doesn’t get taken out as part of the T1 efile process when the person did not intend to pay by direct withdrawal.

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That is correct.
Should not print.

Thanks for the response. I will give it a try.

Joe, for your response, I assume then I must simply collect the information from the client, then enter - although given I have to collect the T183, I don’t know why it can’t print the boxes for them to put the info in?

You may not be aware that the T183 is not a form developed by the developers of any software company anywhere, but rather is a form certified by CRA.

The CRA certified form does not contain banking information.

The CRA certified form may be downloaded here:

Tax preparers have a heavy burden to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of taxpayers information.

Thanks so much

You may wish to check with your insurance company to see if you can transmit banking information to be debited by the government.

I checked with my insurance company and they refused to insure that part of the service. I then notified the CRA that, given that my insurance does not cover this, they are notified that any request to have a bank account debited by the CRA as part of a T1 return is an automatic fraud attempt and that they are required to stop processing the request.

(Of course, they then told me that they were unable to do so, but then that would be their problem. If it ever happens, I have it on record that they have been informed to treat this as fraud and that they must immediately stop the transaction. Will they? Hmmm.)

If the printed form does not allow the client to enter their banking information, and it is a privacy risk as @TimParris suggests, why do these fields show up in TaxCycle?

On the other hand, since the “official” form authorizes CRA to withdraw funds from the taxpayer’s bank account, how can they accomplish this without the taxpayer’s banking information?

UPDATE: Got a hold of taxcycle, they indicated that CRA rules are you cannot print that as a few others noted. But also interesting, as noted, the official form does not have spaces for bank account information. However, Taxcycle does have as well as a separate transmission for P.A.D. which is accepted by the CRA system??

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Yes, that is correct.

The PAD system is the mechanism for a taxpayer to pay by this method.