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PRE Authorized Debits

Have had at least 2 clients contact us today to say the pre authorized debit has not yet come out of their bank accounts though the account information was checked and accurate. CRA thinks it may be a software bug (of course…). We have transmission reports showing the PAD’s were filed. Anyone else finding this?

This is a sample from one of our test cases for certification:

The text, including the amount, processing date and confirmation number, is exactly what CRA returned to TaxCycle upon acceptance of the PAD request.

If the date has passed and the client has not seen the withdrawal from their account, it might be worth checking that CRA still has it to process. Apparently, the client could see it in My Account, if they signed up for it.

Thanks Allen, I do get the same confirmation and we have them all printed out so we’ll get to the bottom of it one way or another. Next week!

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