TaxCycle Forms Module

This is more of a question than a suggestion.

When I downloaded and installed today’s update, I had a look at our licensing. I noticed the following:
TRIAL - TaxCycle Forms module is licensed for 3 users, expiring 12/22/2015.

Is this something new or have I just not noticed it in the past? I also don’t see an individual Forms modules on the start page.

Just wondering…

I did not get an update today to install. Not to mention that I do not see a Forms module on my system.

Furthermore, I thought that taxcycle had decided against a forms module ?

We received it as an automatic update yesterday. But I notice the download page has not been updated and there are no release notes for it.

Maybe it was sent out in error. My understanding is that there is an update today .

@matthew -

We had the auto-update available for 5 minutes yesterday, but we found a last minute obscure bug that affected T4 files with 1000 slips. We’ve fixed that, an another problem with the T3010 barcodes and will release a full download, an auto-update, all with release notes in the next few hours.

~ Cameron

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