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New T2 Module

I’ve been experiencing some issues with the T2 Module. When the YE tech prepares the return and it comes to me for review, I keep getting a message that says there is a New T2 module available and asks if I would like to convert the return to the new module. Both of the Taxcycle programs are up to date so I’m just wondering why this only happens when I open the returns and not other preparers?

Have the other users updated their version?

Yes, all the users programs are up to date

Not sure if this is possible, but have they turned off the warning?

I’m not sure I understand the question, like the person that is not receiving the update message, turned off the warnings? Is that what you mean?

yes, that is what I am suggesting…

I checked and they both have the same options share package which doesn’t allow editing and the programs are both up to date

Hi Leah, it sounds like you might be the only person in your office with the new license code installed. You can check which products / modules are enabled on the File > Help screen, and also enter the new license code there.