2014 T4 trial license

seems like the trial period has expired. Had to enter my license info to activate today

I have to admit Bert, I am not really sure what the point of this post is?

You had a license number but were using a trial??

Sorry James, that the relevance to you of this post is not apparent, but this goes back to a private conversation I have previously had with the people at Taxcycle, before I purchased my 2014 licenses, that the 2014 products they have up for the benefit of those with 2013 licenses had inadvertently (on the part of Taxcycle) expired, while they were not meant to expire.


Ok carry on then.

@BertMulderCGA -

We’re still having some internal debate about whether the next year’s slip’s modules should be available to prior year licensees up until December.

The problem is that when we allow 2013 licensees to create 2014 files, after December of 2014 the licensee will not be able to access the file in any way, which may annoy some. We could make this better by allowing 2013 licensees to open 2014 files after December, but not create new 2014 files.

It’s an edge case for sure, and a pain in the butt to solve in the slip modules.

We’re kind of hoping to solve this problem by making some changes to the way we manage subscription offerings in the near future…

~ Cameron