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Other requested options still outstanding

Invoices for all modules;
Ability to add footers to documents using a snippet in the template editor.


And maybe auto roll my header/signature snippet to the new year module as a clone so I do not need to go set it up every year again. or at least ask if I want to roll them first time I open Taxcycle but that would require some sort of active directory integration which would be very helpful



I support those requests.

Thank you for the T4A - RCA form in the T4 module; however, I would still like the Part XI.3 Tax return added to the T3 module. Just need the form to fill out identification, add and have some roll forwards. Anyone filing an RCA needs three things, T3 return, Part XI.3 return and if there are distributions a T4A RCA we have two of the above

I want invoices in all the modules soooo badly! It would smooth my system out immeasurably.

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I would still like to see the “Medical expenses for other dependants” section be a separate sheet and only print if used.

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