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I have just come back from attending the TaxCycle/DoxCycle Markham location tour stop and have spent a bit of time trying to obtain additional information on the forms module. I prepare a number of T2057 and T2054 forms during the course of the year and as part of the planning role that I perform. There are more forms but these are the two most common. Does TaxCycle have a “forms” package and if so, what is the cost? My current software provider has its own “forms” package and I am aware that the CRA has many forms on-line but their use is very limited. Everything I saw and heard today makes me want to leave my current software provider but not at the expense of having to now find another way of preparing, in my practice, “typical forms”. Any comments?

The CDA form (T2054) is in the T2 package. I have not seen a T2057 (sec. 85) form in any of the modules.

We will have some of the commonly requested forms such as the T2057, T2058, T2059 etc. in an upcoming update for the 2015 tax year. They will be available in our December release.

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Speaking of forms, any chance we could get an NR6 form added to the NR4 module?

The NR6 form will be added into TaxCycle this year…likely not for December but in a later release.


Looking forward to the BC Logging Returns being released, please consider adding an Application for Refund of Logging Tax - Form 196. We have to complete one everytime a CCPC owes BC Logging Taxes.

We plan to include the BC logging returns in an upcoming release (including Form 196)…development has already begun on these forms so that they can be included in our forms module.

~ Rob

I was happy to see the BC Logging tax forms come out with this release, thank you. When can we expect the promised form F196 -Application for Refund of Logging Tax?

Jim Burch

We still have that one on the list…we will aim to get it in for our next release which should be within a few weeks.

~ Rob

Could we also have the T2 module create a Form file like you can now do with the T1 module.

Jim Burch

Would it be possible to add the RC59 to Forms. The reason being that in some cases I have partnerships that request I look up GST and other information on their behalf. Also when doing a New rental property rebate.
I know it is not tax (T1/T2)related but would be big help.

The RC59 is in the T5013 partnership module if you purchased it.

Not a professional partnership.
So don’t need the T5013 just the RC59

Not exactly true, it depends on the partner composition not whether it is just a professional partnership. Regardless, you wanted a RC59, if it is not in the forms package, use the partnership package to print you RC59, you do not need to fill in the partnership statement to use it.