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Taxboard is back

Just a quick note to say taxboard is back up. Not sure what caused the issue but I will report back wjen I find out more. A Simple Machines support person was helping out and worked on it overnight.

It also seems Tim was actually able to post on August 30 when it was down for me. It may have been while the host was playing around…dunno. Do know it was nothing I did :wink:

All I know is that in the 10 years we have been up, this was the first time something like this has happened. Glad I have the host I have and that I chose Simple Machines back then. I have become somewhat of an authority on open source softweare in these parts, and it ticks all the boxes for a vibrant open source community

Please do try to access the place to make sure I am not the only one being allowed in.

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Ir is working for me again :slight_smile:

Now I cannot get in again. Was in and out a few times to test…now after about an hour away I tried again, but I get a message that says

Unable to verify referring url. Please go back and try again

We will keep going…

I was getting that error last night and this morning but I can get in now.

Yes, me too. May have been just a temporary glitch…dunno. In any event, I see more of us on line there AND the hullaballo has brought some applicants to the front door. Just approved 4 new members. Two have gone through the complete process, and I am waiting for two more to complete their routine.

Note I do not believe we are out of the woods yet, but Snowplow is back from holidays now so between the host, the Simple Machines help, and SPG and myself I expect things will get back to normal

If I go to the site using I get that error

If don’t type the www in front of the url then I don’t get the error.

Same here.

The www is the problem

Many Thanks,

Norman Adams


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Still a strange issue that will hopefully be resolved. Grateful that the main issue on the server is gone so that at least the front door is available.

Will keep on working==well my SMF community support person has a day job so won’t be back until later tonight.

In the meantime, dropping the www. does work to get in

I have no idea how I managed that post on Aug 30… It just glitched and worked.

It appears Taxboard is gone again…

It seems you are correct. I can’t get into the site either.

You guys broke the forum again

At least I am back :slight_smile: …I was in last earlier in the weekend…but came back into the country Sunday—a PD day on Monday, important client meeting yesterday…then home to find emails that TB was down.

I found the “resource limit” message when I tried last night, but had little energy to pursue things…still living 6 hours ahead , but all was fine this morning.

Had some important client calls to make so only getting to this post now.

Good that we have this forum to keep channels open

BTW I also contacted out new SMF friend about it…awaiting his comment. He blames our host for server tweaks that seem to be causing hiccups.

I’m unable to access Taxboard yesterday or today - have the gremlins reappeared?

it’s working for me…

and working for me

I haven’t been able to log in since last week.
I keep getting 2 different errors.!

SPG, maybe clear your browser cache? Working fine here. (Or try a different browser/PC just to be sure.)

Yes, I continue to get the Internal Server error that SPG has shown.