I Seem To Also Have Taxboard Issues

Like SPG, I get those errors

Checked into Cpanel and it shows “hung processes” which take up CPU resources and effectively shuts things down

I have an SMF guy on board who has checked us out and can’t see any issues. he blames its our host tweaking the server somehow and messing up whateveritsallgreektome

So I will get in touch with him to see what exactly i should tell our host

“You’re Fired”? . :laughing:

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You are starting to talk like our esteemed prime minister…

Exploring all the options on how to get a pipeline build… (a law declaring it in the national interest, and use the force of law)

Exploring all the options in what to do about the mail strike…(legislating them back to work)

in your case, like SPG said…


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There is something intermittant afoot…seems things are back…will raise issue with host to see exactly what I should tell Bert :slight_smile:

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I have no horse in this race, as Taxboard has been working fine for me…

Maybe you need to hire my IT guy…